Vendor Terms and Conditions

In accepting this order, Vendor agrees that all materials furnished conform to instructions and/or conditions stipulated herein. Materials furnished must meet ITAR & DFAR regulations unless otherwise approved by Aero Component Engineering (ACE). Materials furnished are subject to inspection and recount upon receipt at ACE. Materials must be current cure date or 85% minimum shelf life remaining at time of receipt unless otherwise approved by ACE. The material may only enter a mercury free environment. ACE purchase order number must appear on all packing slips, way-bills, & invoices. At minimum one (1) packing slip must be placed with the product (either inside/ or outside of box). Unless noted otherwise ACE requests OEM certs be provided (at minimum CoC). Always provide full trace when available. Vendor is to notify ACE of nonconforming material. Vendor is to allow right of access by ACE, customer, & regulatory authorities to all facilities, records, and requirements involved in the order. Vendor is required to keep records for a minimum of 10 years unless otherwise noted by ACE. When applicable the Vendor is responsible for flow-down to sub-tier vendors of all supplied customer documentation and key characteristics. Any fees accrued because approved product does not arrive within the agreed time frame will be paid by the Supplier.

All materials must be packaged to safeguard damage during shipping and handling. Please send confirmation of PO with price and ship date.

Reference Supplier Performance Expectations 2017