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Manufactured Parts, Tubes and Hoses:

Aero Component Engineering meets the various customer challenges by utilizing over 40 years of industry experience, a dedicated supplier base and a large inventory of commonly used components.

At Aero, we have learned to consistently ask our customers the right questions. Can we stock for you? Let us hold your inventory requirements. Whether you require short run, prototype, production or reverse engineered products, we are here to serve your requests.

This is the reason we are ahead of others in our field. At Aero, we are not standing still. A state of the art computer system drives our manufacturing, work flow and scheduling. Our systems are available 24/7 for questions and order taking, we are willing to take calculated risks, and are continually focusing on our commitment to our customers.

As customer needs change, Aero automatically increases the level of service we offer. We support this service level with a full engineering staff plus full manufacturing and test departments. We test 100% of the hose assemblies prior to leaving our facility.

We have manufactured more than 12,000 different hose assemblies.

Search our parts list